Redefining Reality: Your Breakthrough Blueprint in a New Era

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I guess you can think of We Taste Like Magic the new chapter of “Redefining Reality: Your Breakthrough Blueprint.” 

In 2012, I launched a series of workshops focusing on four essential lifestyle and business fundamentals: Money/Financing, Relationships, Technology, and Travel. These pillars have helped countless individuals navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing world. Today, as I revisit and revitalize these concepts, we find ourselves in an even more dynamic and interconnected global economy.

The Evolution of Economy and Technology

The past decade has seen monumental shifts in the economy and technology. The gig economy has boomed, providing unprecedented opportunities for location-independent work. Platforms like Airbnb and Uber, once novel ideas, are now integral parts of our daily lives.

Trailblazers and visionaries, myself included, were early adopters of these services, leveraging them before they became mainstream. My journey began with workshops, not knowing that my entrepreneurial career would flourish as it has. Since then I’ve lived in multiple states, secured significant contracts, and now reside and work by the beach—my dream location.

My Tools: A Proven Path to Success

My life is a testament to the effectiveness of the tools and strategies I share. These workshops and support groups are designed to empower you to think outside the box and link traditional educational training with your creative side. With the right guidance, you can navigate unemployment, divorce, social, cultural, and environmental stresses to redefine your identity and reality.

The 4 Lifestyle and Business Fundamentals — Using NON TRADITIONAL METHODS

1. Money/Financing: Creative and Alternative (aka non-traditional) financing without going into debt.

2. Relationships: Build a network of accountability partners, mentors, and professional connections.

3. Technology: Embrace and utilize the latest technological advancements to enhance your personal and professional life.

4. Travel: Gain new perspectives and experiences by exploring different cultures and environments.

Redefining the American Dream

In a world where job security is declining and traditional family structures are changing, the “American Dream” has evolved. Many face emotional and spiritual challenges as they redefine their identity and reality. For those who feel overwhelmed, I offer a blueprint to help you redesign your American Dream and achieve your breakthrough.

Commitment: The Key to Success

Starting a new routine can be challenging, but commitment is crucial. Here’s how you can start:

Practical Skills: Learn to think outside the box and connect your traditional education with your creative side.

Personal Growth: Commit to setting aside time daily to work on your goals, embrace your faults, and try new things.

Supportive Community: Spend more time with people who uplift and inspire you.

Join Us on This Journey

We Taste Like Magic offers updated content and guidance tailored to today’s realities. Together, we can navigate the complexities of modern life and achieve our dreams. 

Stay tuned for more insights and updates, and let’s continue redefining reality together.

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